Gardening services

Gardening services

Lawn Maintenance

A well maintained lawn is an important part of any healthy garden. This is something we provide, making sure that your garden is complete so that any mowing, feeding, weeding, repairing or even creating an entire lawn for you from scratch can be taken care of.

Weeding, Pruning, Hedge Trimming

Removing weeds is an important aspect of garden maintenance that few people relish. Weeding can be backbreaking work, especially if your garden is overrun. If you’d rather not undertake these tasks yourself, this is where our gardening service can give you the assistance that you need. If your tree or trees are getting a little unruly, a trimming might be in order and hiring Turbo Mop is your safest option for yourself and the tree.

Clearing and Preparing

Whether you’ve just moved into an old property and you now have an overgrown garden filled with junk or you haven’t had the time to clear your garden in a while, by contacting our team we will be able to carry out this tiring job for you.

General Garden Handiwork

Premier gardening services provided by Turbo Mop  will not just focus on the gardening aspect. They’ll also carry out any repairs you might need done, such as fixing broken shed doors or even setting up a compost heap for you.

  • Decking Projects & Installation
  • Decking Repairs
  • Fencing Installation & Repairs 
  • Building of Tailor Made Sheds
  • Erecting Flat Pack Sheds
  • Sheds/Outbuildings/Roof Repairs
  • Pressure Washing of Decks & Patios
  • Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Repair Work
  • Concrete Shed Bases
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • All Aspects of Carpentry Work

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